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Molecule-R, ricettario dal titolo: Molecular 50 course meal cookbook



"Molecular 50 course meal cookbook" è un ricettario d'avanguardia ispirato alla gastronomia molecolare. Si tratta di un omaggio alla tradizione culinaria, che testimonia l'evoluzione delle moderne tecniche di cottura e un omaggio ai nostri pensatori, artisti e chef creativi preferiti. Si tratta di 70 e più pagine di scienza alimentare, consigli e suggerimenti, e, cosa più importante, è formato da 50 ricette originali e rivoluzionarie, splendidamente illustrate, che sicuramente emozioneranno i tuoi ospiti e soddisferanno la tua voglia di innovazione culinaria.

Guida alla grande cucina


Descrizione prodotto

Dalla seconda/terza di copertina

Auguste Escoffier è il più grande cuoco di tutti i tempi. Arrivò alla celebrità nel 1880, quando prese la direzione delle cucine del Grand Hotel di Montecarlo, diretto da César Ritz. Iniziò così una straordinaria carriera che lo portò al Savoy di Londra, al Ritz di Parigi e al Carlton Hotel londinese, dove iniziò la redazione della “Guide Culinaire”. Ambasciatore della grande cucina francese, fu promosso Ufficiale della Legione d’Onore.

Dalla quarta di copertina

Guida alla Grande Cucina è l’unica traduzione integrale dell’opera realizzata in Italia, completamente revisionata da Marco Guarnaschelli Gotti che ne ha aggiornato termini, glossario e quantità in base alle attuali usanze professionali. Noto come “il re degli chef” e come “lo chef dei re”, Auguste Escoffier è stato il più celebre degli chef francesi, l’uomo che ha modernizzato e codificato la cucina transalpina, trasformando la Francia nella patria della gastronomia mondiale. Il talento rivoluzionario di Escoffier sta nell’aver capito il ruolo che la scienza avrebbe giocato in un’arte come quella culinaria, un’arte che avrebbe dovuto sforzarsi di cercare sempre di più la semplicità e la genuinità degli ingredienti, evitando inutili sofisticazioni. Molte le sue ricette consegnate alla storia: Pesche Melba, Cosce di Ninfa Aurora (cosce di rana)… Molte le innovazioni, molte le opere, tra cui primeggia la Guida alla Grande Cucina, di cui in Francia sono state pubblicate innumerevoli edizioni. Battezzato con modestia da Escoffier “aide mémoire”, cioè promemoria, questo testo indispensabile per qualunque serio operatore gastronomico – professionista o dilettante che sia – contiene più di 5000 “formule”, ricette schematiche che costituiscono ancora oggi la base dell’arte culinaria. Tutti i grandi cuochi della nostra epoca riconoscono in Escoffier il grande precursore, semplificatore e ordinatore di menu e ricette. La sua "Guide Culinaire" è considerata tuttora una bibbia per tutti i cuochi.


Let's Cook Italian!: From Antipasto to Dolce, make everyday Italian Food Day


talian food goes way beyond pasta, spaghetti Bolognese, and lasagna.

Italian food features on restaurant menus and family mealtimes the world over, which is why every year on February 13th, the nation celebrates National Italian Food Day.

Popular Italian food ingredients will be fresh and include olive oil, garlic, oregano, basil, mozzarella, pecorino, parmesan and ricotta cheeses, meat, fish, salami, sausage, and prosciutto. Plus, of course, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, eggplant, and of course, pasta, which is served al dente.

Let’s cook Italian! It is a celebration of Italian food and will show you how to prepare delicious classic and contemporary Italian appetizers, sides, mains, salads, and desserts using typical Italian ingredients.

Commemorate National Italian Food Day with 40 delicious dishes to enjoy every day of the week, including:

• Gnocchi in Sage Butter
• Italian Egg Soup
• Roman Beef Stew
• Swordfish Bocconcini
• Roman Style Artichokes
• Tuscan Beans
• Cannoli with Almond, Orange, and Apricot Filling
• Limoncello Semifreddo

Let’s cook Italian will bring a little Italian culinary magic to your family mealtimes.

Homemade Pizza Cookbook: The Best Recipes and Secrets to Master the Art of Italian Pizza Making 


Do you want to know how to prepare real Italian pizza from scratch, directly in your kitchen without having a professional wood-burning oven?

Gluten-Free Italian 


From the author of the Wheat-Free Cook, selected by Sara Moulton on Good Morning America as one of the top ten cookbooks of 2007, Gluten-Free Italian charts new territory.

Many of Italy's best-loved foods—from ravioli to tiramisu—contain wheat flour, so they've been off limits to the gluten-intolerant. Until now. Jacqueline Mallorca creates gluten-free surprises like fresh pasta, rustic breads, delicious vegetable contorni (side dishes) that double as appetizers, and sensational regional desserts. Mallorca's easy-to-follow recipes make using fresh ingredients an inviting prospect.

Gluten-Free Italian also includes a shopping guide, cooking tips, Italian pantry staples, a glossary of alternative grains and flours, mail-order sources, and celiac resources.

Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well (Lorenzo Da Ponte Italian Library)


First published in 1891, Pellegrino Artusi's La scienza in cucina e l'arte di mangier bene has come to be recognized as the most significant Italian cookbook of modern times. It was reprinted thirteen times and had sold more than 52,000 copies in the years before Artusi's death in 1910, with the number of recipes growing from 475 to 790. And while this figure has not changed, the book has consistently remained in print.

Although Artusi was himself of the upper classes and it was doubtful he had ever touched a kitchen utensil or lit a fire under a pot, he wrote the book not for professional chefs, as was the nineteenth-century custom, but for middle-class family cooks: housewives and their domestic helpers. His tone is that of a friendly advisor - humorous and nonchalant. He indulges in witty anecdotes about many of the recipes, describing his experiences and the historical relevance of particular dishes.

Artusi's masterpiece is not merely a popular cookbook; it is a landmark work in Italian culture. This English edition (first published by Marsilio Publishers in 1997) features a delightful introduction by Luigi Ballerini that traces the fascinating history of the book and explains its importance in the context of Italian history and politics. The illustrations are by the noted Italian artist Giuliano Della Casa.

Italian Wines 2020 


The most authoritative annual guide to the very best Italian wines; more than 2,400 producers have been selected

The awards honor ecologically aware wine producers who are working with the environment, bestowing 'Green' awards on those who create sustainable yields

Italian Wines is the English-language version of Gambero Rosso's Vini d'Italia, the world's best-selling guide to Italian wine. It is the result of a year's work by over 60 tasters, coordinated by three curators. They travel around the entire country to taste 45,000 wines, only half of which make it into the guide. More than 2,400 producers have been selected. Each entry brings together useful information about the winery, including a description of its most important labels and price levels in Italian wine shops. Each wine is evaluated according to the Gambero Rosso bicchieri rating, with Tre Bicchieri awarded to the top labels. The guide is an essential tool for both wine professionals and passionate amateurs around the globe: it provides the instruments for finding one's way in the complex panorama of Italy's wine world.

How Italian Food Conquered the World


Not so long ago, Italian food was regarded as a poor man's gruel-little more than pizza, macaroni with sauce, and red wines in a box. Here, John Mariani shows how the Italian immigrants to America created, through perseverance and sheer necessity, an Italian-American food culture, and how it became a global obsession. The book begins with the Greek, Roman, and Middle Eastern culinary traditions before the boot-shaped peninsula was even called "Italy," then takes readers on a journey through Europe and across the ocean to America alongside the poor but hopeful Italian immigrants who slowly but surely won over the hearts and minds of Americans by way of their stomachs. Featuring evil villains such as the Atkins diet and French chefs, this is a rollicking tale of how Italian cuisine rose to its place as the most beloved fare in the world, through the lives of the people who led the charge.

Salumi: The Craft of Italian Dry Curing 


Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn inspired a revival of artisanal sausage making and bacon curing with their surprise hit, Charcuterie. Now they delve deep into the Italian side of the craft with Salumi, a book that explores and simplifies the recipes and techniques of dry curing meats. As the sources and methods of making our food have become a national discussion, an increasing number of cooks and professional chefs long to learn fundamental methods of preparing meats in the traditional way. Ruhlman and Polcyn give recipes for the eight basic products in Italy’s pork salumi repertoire: guanciale, coppa, spalla, lardo, lonza, pancetta, prosciutto, and salami, and they even show us how to butcher a hog in the Italian and American ways. This book provides a thorough understanding of salumi, with 100 recipes and illustrations of the art of ancient methods made modern and new. 100 illustrations; 16 pages of color photographs

Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking


In the language of cookbooks, the word "classic" is bandied about nearly as frequently as the terms "low-fat" and "no-cholesterol." In this case, however, the estimable Hazan ( More Classic Italian Cooking ) does indeed contribute a classic to the ever-increasing literature of Italian cuisine. A revision and update of her two previous "classic" Italian cookbooks (with more than 35 completely new recipes), this one includes recipes not "in pursuit of novelty, but of taste." As Hazan puts it, the book "is meant to be used as a kitchen handbook . . . for cooks of every level . . . who want an accessible and comprehensive guide to the products, the techniques, and the dishes that constitute imperishable Italian cooking." From marinated carrot sticks to sweet-and-sour tuna steaks, Trapani style, to tortellini with fish stuffing and polenta shortcake with raisins, dried figs and pine nuts, the outstanding recipes--many of them poetically simple--are too numerous to do justice to in few words. Included is a spirited discussion of squid and the essentials of preparing fresh pasta, gnocchi (potato dumplings), authentic risotto, frittate and polenta dishes. While writing from Venice, her home for much of the year, Hazan never fails to consider the availability of ingredients in the U.S., and never assumes that all readers understand complex methods or exotic terminology. This volume is the perfect gift for a new homemaker, a seasoned chef and all lovers of good food. Illustrated. 40,000 first printing; Home Style Book Club main selection, BOMC alternate.

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