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Cesta Regalo Extra Large - Salumificio Artigianale Gombitelli 



Descrizione prodotto

Un'idea per un regalo. La Cesta Regalo Extra Large racchiude al suo interno il top dei salumi artigianali racchiuso in un'unica confezione! La cesta contiene un trancio di Prosciutto Dolce Disossato da 3,2 kg, un trancetto di Lardo Rosa di Gombitelli (Lardo Steso) da 0,5 kg, un Salame Toscano da 0,5 kg, un trancetto di Fiocco di Spalla da 0,4 kg, un Salame Carne di Prosciutto da 0,5 kg, mezza forma di Pecorino Toscano Dop Stagionato da 0,65 kg, una confezione di Wurstel Artigianali da 0,5 kg ed un trancetto di Pancetta Affumicata da 0,5 kg. La Cesta verrà confezionata con cura con addobbi, con il vostro messaggio di auguri personalizzato, e chiusa con la carta trasparente; arriverà a casa vostra o all'indirizzo che ci indicherete per la spedizione all'interno di una robusta scatola di cartone tramite Corriere.

Confezione regalo Parmigiano Reggiano "Sapori d'Italia", 5 articoli, idea regalo



Descrizione prodotto

Esclusiva scatola serigrafata Sapori d'Italia, ideale come regalo natalizio, con ben 5 prodotti 1) Sangiovese IGT La Corte Antica bt. 75 cl 2) Pasta I Gigli Dalla Costa 200 g 3) Sugo al Parmigiano Reggiano vaso 190 g 4) Granelli al Parmigiano Reggiano Tenuta del Cervo 100 g 5) Trancio Parmigiano Reggiano DOP stagionato 18 mesi 150 g



Geschenkset Verona Italien Geschenkkorb mit Holzkiste, Wein und italienischen Spezialitäten




Product description

Product description

Schön, dass Sie sich entschieden haben jemandem eine Freude zu machen!

Suchen Sie ein passendes Geschenk über das sich der Beschenkte wirklich freut?

Verschenken Sie unsere hochwertige Geschenkbox bei besonderen Anlässen wie Geburtstag, Hochzeit oder Jubiläum.

Geschenkbox Verona mit bestem Inhalt aus Italien:

  • 1 Flasche Rotwein Primitivo Casato di Melzi 0,7l
  • 1 Flasche natives Olivenöl mit Basilikum 250 ml
  • 1 Packung Rummo Spaghetti 500 g
  • 1 Glas Pesto Gevonese 190 g
  • 3 Gewürze: Oregano 15 g, getrocknete Tomaten 20 g, grobes Meersalz 150
  • 4 Espresso Pralinen mit Kaffeebohne
  • Verpackt in der geflammten Holzkiste

Ciao Ciao! Italian Mother's Day Pasta & Sicilian Sauces Food Hamper Gift Box



Product description

This gift is a real treat for a gourmet cook but equally (as it is so easy to cook) for anyone who is searching for authentic Italian flavours.

This Italian gourmet food gift hamper contains:


  • Artisan Pasta Calamarata, Vero Lucano 500g
  • Italian Snack Vinelli (wine baked dough snacks), Agricola 40g
  • Italian Snack Chinachette (fennel baked dough snack), Agricola 40g
  • Norma Sauce, Villa Reale 300g
  • Pesto with Basil DOP Organic, Sommariva 100g
  • Tapenade, Villa Reale 180g
  • Sicilian Olives, Italy2eat 200g

All packed in an attractive, high quality reusable gift box.

Mamma Mia Italian Food & Wine Gift Hamper Box - FREE UK delivery



Product description

This delightful Italian gourmet food hamper box contains:


  • Valpolicella Classico DOC, Villa Crine 2013 75cl
  • Salsiccia Dolce (Classic Salami), Italy2Eat 250g
  • Italian Snack vinelli, MateraMore 40g
  • Artisan Pasta Ferricelli, Vero Lucano 500g
  • Arrabbiata Sauce, Villa Reale 300g
  • Oregano in Bunch from Sicily, S. Caramazza 50gg
  • Sea Salt with Herbs, Villa Reale 300g
  • A great value gourmet gift of Italian food. Packed in an attractive gift box.
    All our gifts include UK mainland delivery. For information about allergens in this hamper gift please contact us.

Hay Hampers Gourmet Luxury Smoked Fish Hamper Gift Box - FREE UK delivery



Product description

This hamper contains


  • Italian Snack Vinelli, Agricola del Sole 40g
  • Oatcakes no Wheat, Duncans of Deeside 200g
  • Cool pouch
  • Scottish Rope Hung Smoked Salmon, Grants 100g
  • Just Jane Vintage Cheddar, Lymn Bank Farm 200g
  • Cold Oak Smoked Trout, Charlie's Trout 100g
  • Cucumber Relish infused with Gin, Drivers 350g
  • Shiraz, Beyond The River 2016
  • Muscadet S&M sur Iie, Ch. L'Oiseliniere 2016

Packed in an attractive red gift box and includes free UK delivery. You can add a gift message in the checkout. All our gifts are sent with free next working day delivery dispatched within a maximum of 2-3 working days.

We have been sending gift hampers for over 30 years. That means that our hampers are packed with expertise, imagination and attention to detail. For information about any food allergens in this gift please contact us via the messaging system.

Modern Gourmet Foods, 12 Pack Foodie Spice and Sauce Starter kit: Worldwide Edition, 12 Unique Salts and Chilli Sauces for use on BBQ, Curry, Salad, and More

Modern Gourmet Foods is a breakout company that creates innovative food gift sets for all occasions. Expertly packaged and designed, Modern Gourmet Foods gifts “wow” every time. Our gift sets are more than just a product, they’re an entire experience!

Our goal is to take the stress out of gifting and help you to find the perfect item. With a variety of products for anyone’s taste we’re confident we’ll deliver the perfect gift. Shopping has never been this easy!

We want to make life easier for you and take the stress out of gifting

We’re all busy and pressed for time, and sometimes gift shopping is just plain stressful. A great gift is personal, heartfelt, sincere, and conveys the right message. Sometimes choosing the right item and presenting it beautifully with the right message can seem impossible. At Modern Gourmet Foods, we want to make this process as easy as possible so you can “nail it” every time!

We want to “WOW” them

What separates a gift from a purchase you make for yourself? We think it’s that “WOW” moment when they open the gift—a magical combination of surprise, joy, and gratitude that strengthens the bond between people. That connection is at the heart of everything we do, so each Modern Gourmet Foods gift is designed to “wow” the recipient every time.

We want to inspire people

Gift-giving makes us think less about ourselves and more about others. We firmly believe this kind of selflessness makes our society better, so in addition to encouraging thoughtful gifting, we are compiling thoughtful content, gift guides, and more so that we can build a community of thoughtful people together!

CONNOISSEURS CHARCUTERIE Meat Box - British Artisan Cured Meats - Melt in The Mouth, Finely Crafted, Cured Gourmet Craft Meats for The Connoisseur - Ideal Tasty Food Gift - Perfect Charcuterie Board



Product description

Our suppliers are leading artisans in the British charcuterie movement, adding new ideas to the classic craft of curing high quality meats to create an amazing range of hand crafted treats for you to savour.

The beef and pork meats used in our products are from family run, local farms in the south of England renowned for their sustainable, organic farming methods. Venison for our beer sticks, bresaola and salami is from native, free range stock.

Carefully selected cuts are slow cured and air dried to achieve an intensely rich and natural flavour, enhanced with fresh local herbs with no added artificial colouring or flavourings.

Healthy & Nutritious Handcrafted in the UK All natural ingredients Low fat & salt Gluten Free Ideal for Picnics & Parties

With all these fabulous products created from meats 100% sourced and supplied from ethically and sustainably reared farm or free range UK herds, our connoisseur selection brings you the very best in British charcuterie.

Tartuflanghe Piemonte Style Ragout 180g



Tartuflanghe Piemonte style ragout, or ragù, is an instant rich pasta sauce. Serve the veal, tomato and red wine sauce with fresh egg pappardelle or fettuccine pasta.

What makes this ragout distinctively Piemontese is the use of veal. In Bologna they traditionally use beef mixed with a small amount of fatty pork, while a Neapolitan ragout uses whole cuts of stewed meat that are served separate to the pasta!

The Piemonte style ragout is not just for ribbon pasta. Use it to stuff homemade ravioli or even arancini.

Tartuflanghe was founded in 1980 by Domenica Bertolusso and Beppe Montanaro. They started their careers with a restaurant called ‘Da Beppe’ in Alba, Italy. The restaurant was considered something of a pilgrimage for mushroom and truffle lovers, and their passion for Italian truffles inspired them to create Tartuflanghe. In the beginning, Domenica and Beppe wanted to give people the opportunity to taste truffle even out of season. Over the years, Beppe’s creativity inspired a whole range of truffle products and twists on regional specialities.

Rega DOP San Marzano Tomatoes 400g



San Marzano tomatoes are Italy's favourite tomatoes for pizza bases and pasta sauces. Rega San Marzano tomatoes are grown in the particularly fertile volcanic soil at the foot of Mt. Vesuvius. Bursting with flavour and rich in vitamins, San Marzano tomatoes are a staple in nearly every Italian kitchen.

Also known as pomodori pelati (literally "peeled tomatoes"), San Marzano tomatoes are grown in a small area around Naples. The variety has been awarded a DOP by the EU, which specifies the precise cultivar, processing method and region in which the tomatoes can be grown.

Ingredients: whole peeled tomatoes, tomato puree.

Nduja 180g




Nduja is a cross between a spicy, hot pâté and a spreadable salami – meaning that it has, unsurprisingly, developed a cult following. Its popularity shows no signs of slowing as people are embracing the meaty, spicy, umami flavours of this unique ingredient.

What is nduja?

Nudja is a Calabrian specialty. It’s thought to have been first introduced by the Spanish, as the pork spread is rich with smoky, red pepper flavours. South Italy is now famous for its ‘nduja production, though – especially the municipality of Spilinga, where this variety is made.

Nduja is also related to Tuscan soppressata – an uncured salami made primarily with left over parts of the pig after the choicer cuts have been used. The head is traditionally the main ingredient in both soppressata and ‘nduja, but don’t let this put you off! The salami is rich and meaty, and the hefty dose of red pepper in ‘nduja gives it a strong chilli kick and even a kind of smokiness.

La Favorita Pesto With Genovese Basil DOP 180g




La Favorita pesto with Genovese basil DOP, or pesto alla Genovese, is extremely special. Close your eyes, and you’ll believe you’re eating pesto from freshly harvested basil in the Italian sun. No-one would imagine it is from a freshly opened jar.

Basil has been cultivated in Genoa – the home of pesto – as far back as the 16th century. The Ligurian climate is mild, with lots of sunshine and a cooling sea breeze, producing the finest basil in Europe. The basil farms surrounding Genoa hold the Protected Designation of Origin status, or DOP, in recognition of the environment that grows such high-quality basil.

The DOP also ensures that traditional farming methods are used. This includes the use of wholly natural fertilisers, and harvesting the basil by hand 30 days after the seeds are sown. Only the uppermost parts of the basil plants are picked. This is where the richest basil aromas are found.

La Favorita pesto with Genovese basil is rich and fragrant. It pairs wonderfully with spaghetti or tagliatelle. Simply stir through cooked pasta and top with a grating of parmesan. Or drizzle over slices of mozzarella and fresh tomato for a twist on a classic caprese salad.

La Favorita was born just after the second world war. The founder began by trading local Ligurian specialities – such as chestnuts and mushrooms – for anchovies from local fishermen. The enterprise grew and La Favorita began selling sauces and preserves made from local produce. Every product is carefully and lovingly worked to give the customer the feeling that they’re eating something ‘just picked’.

La Favorita take inspiration from traditional Ligurian and Piedmontese country fare. They now sell their products all over the world, but their core values remain the same. Every time you open a La Favorita jar, you know you’re tasting locally grown Ligurian produce with no artificial preservatives or colourings.

Don Antonio Puttanesca Sauce 500g




Don Antonio puttanesca sauce is a traditional tomato sauce from Naples that’s the perfect match for pasta and chicken. Green olives and capers add wonderful briny notes, while pine nuts and raisins add richness.

Before use, empty the contents of the bottle into a small saucepan. Heat gently for approximately 6 minutes, stirring occasionally, until heated through.

Don Antonio sauces are made in the Abruzzo region of eastern Italy. The family business uses fresh, local produce and traditional family recipes to make their range of sauces that burst with the flavours of Italy.

Pastificio dei Campi Solo Mio Pasta di Gragnano gift set 750g




The Solo Mio Pasta di Gragnano gift set, by Pastificio dei Campi is a real treat for any true pasta lover. The set includes six boxes of carefully selected pasta shapes, with just the right amount for one person to enjoy a top quality bowl of pasta. It really is solo mio!

Pastaficio de Campi are based in the city of Gragnano, just south of Mount Vesuvius, renowned for its pasta-making history. Gragnano pasta holds a PGI status (protected geographical indication – IGP in Italian). Legend says the streets of Gragnano are laid out specifically to allow coastal winds and mountain breezes to flow through the roads and dry the citizens’ pasta as it hung on rods, like laundry.

Pastaficio de Campi makes truly excellent pasta. They use 100% Italian durum wheat (unlike much Italian pasta which uses Canadian wheat), which is grown in the fields of Puglia. In fact, you can trace each packet of pasta back to a specific field, by entering a tracking code into their website. The pasta is bronze die cut, and dried slowly to retain the starch and protein content – giving it a distinctive pale colour and rough texture. The rough finish makes it particularly good for picking up sauce.

Difatti Gluten Free Spinach Gnocchi 250g




Difatti gluten free spinach gnocchi are an Italian classic, now reinvented with spinach. These plump potato dumplings with spinach are the perfect partner for cheese, garlic, pesto and chicken.

The gluten free gnocchi are made with rice and corn flour instead of wheat flour. Difatti use traditional Italian methods to make sure they have the same great flavour and texture as classic gnocchi.

To cook the gnocchi, bring a large pan of salted water to the boil. Add the spinach gnocchi and cook for 1-2 minutes, or until the gnocchi float to the surface. Remove with a slotted spoon, and add your favourite toppings or pasta sauce.

The Best of Italy Hamper




Delight a fan of Italian cuisine with the exciting best of Italy hamper. Packed to bursting with Italian speciality foods, it’s ready to transform the way you cook Italian food at home.

Discover some of the world’s best risotto rice and pasta to elevate your meals from everyday to extraordinary. Combine with the fresh, ‘just-picked’ flavour of La Favorita pasta sauces, the famously spicy ‘nduja pork spread from Calabria as well as fine balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and your luxury Italian store cupboard is complete.

To add an extra touch of indulgence, the Italian hamper comes with chocolates and pistachio cream from some of Italy and Sicily’s finest confectioners.

White Balsamic Condiment 250ml





Defrutum white balsamic condiment is a light, fresh alternative to more familiar dark balsamic vinegar. The pale golden vinegar adds sweetness and acidity, whilst retaining the colour of the final dish.

White balsamic condiment is made from Trebbiano grapes grown in Modena, Italy. The way it is cooked prevents caramelisation, so the colour stays light and the flavours remain dryer and more delicate.

Use white balsamic condiment in salads, soups and sauces. White balsamic is a great choice with white fish and seafood, for a subtle acidity that won’t overpower the dish.

Officinae Defrutum balsamic vinegars and condiments are made on a family-run farm in Modena, in the heart of the Emilia-Romagna region. They are made only with Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes that are grown in the farm’s surrounding vineyards, so the entire production is closed cycle. Emilia-Romagna’s climate of extremes – very hot summers and freezing winters – provides the best conditions for fermenting and maturing balsamic vinegar. The production and ageing methods have been passed down through four generations of balsamic vinegar makers.

Ingredients: white wine vinegar, white grape must. Contains sulphites.


  • Origin:Italy

  • Size:250 ml


Defrutum Balsamic Vinegar DOP "Extravecchio" - 25 years 100ml




Defrutum “Extravecchio” 25-years aged balsamic vinegar PDO is the Rolls-Royce of vinegar for truly special occasions. Thick, rich and with just the right amount acidity, dot sparingly on canapes or even enjoy a small spoonful as a digestif.

The PDO designation of “Extravecchio” vinegar shows that it is made according to the strictest Modenese method of balsamic vinegar making. Unlike balsamics with IGP status, no wine vinegar is added while the vinegar matures – it is made purely from aged grape must.

The must is obtained from Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes that are picked by hand, and are softly pressed to extract the juice, or ‘must’. The grape must is slowly cooked until caramelised. The cooking process starts within 24 hours of the grapes being pressed. Any longer, and the must would start to ferment and produce alcohol. Once caramelised, the must is transferred to wooden barrels for aging.

The balsamic vinegar is aged for at least 25 years in barrels of different woods – oak, cherry, chestnut, juniper and ash. This is according to a centuries-old balsamic-making tradition, and plays a large part in giving the vinegar its complex layers of flavour. The barrels are left open to allow evaporation, which is the natural way to concentrate the grape must and intensify the flavours.

When to move the vinegar from one barrel to another is something that only the master tasters know, and it often changes from batch to batch. And when a vinegar is aged as long as “Extravecchio”, generations of experience go into every bottle.

The “Extravecchio” traditional balsamic vinegar includes recipe ideas and serving suggestions.

Amazing Italian Food on the world


Italian food is considered popular and delicious around the world for centuries, with its savory tomato sauces, those clever things they do with wheat flour and desserts that are vehicles for cream. It's all so simple and innovative such as to get some noodles, get some olive oil, get some garlic, maybe a tomato then you have a party on a plate. Italian cuisine is popular around due it its unique texture and simple cooking. From the cheesy risottos to the crisp fried meats, Italian cuisine is a treasury of joyful and light dishes.  Italian food has become everyman's food. Italian food shows a perfect way to eat. Italian food has developed through centuries of social and economic changes, with roots elastic to former times.

 Italian cuisine is a “Mediterranean diet” often touted as having the right balance of a little meat, good fat in extra virgin olive oil and a lot of seafood, vegetables, grains and pulses, all washed down with wine. Italian food is the number one food in the world.

In observation of 24 countries, pizza and pasta take the top of the. List An international YouGov study of more than 25,000 people in 24 countries finds that pizza and pasta are among the most popular foods in the world, as Italian food gain more popularity in the world as modern and innovative cuisine. Italian cuisine is also famous around the world for its use of various varieties of pasta.

For instance, in the winter, many people love to roast trays full of Italian (Medley) vegetables to enjoy for lunch or dinner throughout the week. Roasting any vegetable and add sugar which enhances their flavor.

Italian food has extra-ordinary scope and also succeeded in gaining the attention of food lovers all over the globe for its unique and innovative style of cooking.


Traditional Italian food

Traditional food is an integral part of Italian life and maybe the one Italian tradition that non-Italians know best. The most well-known Italian dishes are pasta and pizza, but Italian cuisine varies enormously from one tenure to another. Italians are often as proud of their traditional food as they are of their nation as a whole.

Italian cuisine is based on traditions and based on common, locally available foods to a great extent. Italian dishes are based on simple ingredients like cheese, pasta, eggplant, olives, and olive oil, as well as other items of Italian items.


Here is some traditional and famous food in Italy



Arancini are one of the popular and traditional foods in Italy.  These fried rice balls similar oranges - the Italian word for orange is Arancia.  They can be stuffed with a variety of mixtures, Arancini are made by forming balls of risotto, inserting some kind of stuffing, rolling them in bread crumbs and then frying.  Arancini is covered rice balls and overlay with bread crumbs and then deep-fried. Typically filled with ragu or mozzarella cheese and often peas.



Lasagna is a type of vast, flat pasta, possibly one of the oldest types of pasta. Lasagna, or the singular lasagna, traditionally relates to an Italian cuisine dish made with stacked layers. Lasagna's history can be found way back to Ancient Greece. The name Lasagna, or “Lasagna” is obtained from the Greek word 'Laganon'; the first known form of pasta.  Lasagna relates to Ancient Greece, the first recipe to Britain and generations of perfecting the dish to Italy.



Traditionally considered as poor man’s food in Italy, the Ribollita was made by servants who collected unfinished food, such as bread and vegetables, from their masters before boiling these items in water to make a meal. The history of Ribollita gives rise to its name, which translates to mean ‘reboiled’ in English. Ribollita is a famous bread soup, a hearty potage made with bread and vegetables. There are many varieties but the main ingredients always include leftover bread, fazolia beans, Italian kale, cabbage, and common vegetables such as carrot, beans, Swiss chard (green leafy vegetable), celery seed, potatoes, and onion.



Gelato is a traditional frozen dessert of Italian origin. Traditionally made with a base of milk and sugar. Gelato is lower in fat than other styles of frozen desserts. Gelato is whipped, smoother and velvety, as well as denser and more elastic and fluid, than other ice creams. Italy is known to a lot as the birthplace of gelato because during the middle Ages. The custom of mixing fruit juices and ice was brought to Italy by the Moors resulted in making Italian sorbetto and the history of gelato took place in Florence in the 16th century.



  Torrone is a traditional and famous food in Italy and made with ingredients such as honey, egg whites, toasted nuts, and citrus zest and have creamy and gummed texture. Thick slabs of this caramel candy are commonly found in cafes and candy stores throughout Italy.



Saltimbocca consists of thin slices of veal, topped with salty prosciutto and herb leaves. All components of Saltimbocca are sautéed in a pan until the meat is done. Various varieties of meat, like chicken, and mutton are also used for preparing the saltimbocca.



Bottarga is the fineness of salted, cured fish roe, typically of the grey mullet or the Bluefin tuna. Bottarga has many names and is prepared in various ways. Bottarga was taken from the Italian language, but it originates from the Arabic word battarikh.  To protect and enhance the taste of Bottarga fishermen used salt. Since it takes time to create it, and it has a unique taste, bottarga became a valuable and pure product. At that time it was not a surprise to get this ancient product as a precious gift.


Fiorentina Steak

Fiorentina steak considers as the holiest of holies of Italian cuisine, the Florentine-style beef steak is prepared exclusively with dry-aged beef from the Chianina cattle, which is particularly prized for its tenderness and commonly known as a T-bone steak.



Ossobuco is a traditional and popular dish of Italy and cooked in low and slow flame, the addition of white wine, and veggies enhance the taste of Ossobuco. Traditionally, it is covered with lemon zest, garlic, and parsley.  Simple and traditional dishes of Italy that are good at coating the ribs and staving off the winter chill.


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